Day 70.  Kingston, Ontario, CANADA

We thought yesterday was done but Clayton residents Dale and Jane came down to look at our boat and invited us to check out their other place on Grindstone Island, one of the Thousand Islands in the St Lawrence River, pictured below. We did a tour of the island on their quad bikes, gorgeous place. The island has 2000 residents in summer and twenty in winter.

We went further into the St Lawrence River this morning, to Boldt Castle on Heart Island. Built at the turn of the century by the owner of the New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It supported 300 workers for four years but then Boldt telegrammed that they should down tools as his 32 year old wife died suddenly. He never returned and the place left was unfinished for 75 years.

On Dale’s advice we went through the middle of Wellesley Island, via Lake of the Isles and Blacksnake Passage. Stunning, it reminded me of the inside passage on the other side of Canada. The top area is Canadian and the Southern area American.

We cleared customs in Kingston by early afternoon and are moored in the Confederation Basin marina right in front of city hall and the CBD. Beautiful 32 degree C weather.

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