Day 77. Campbellford, Ont

What can this trip dish up beyond what it has already treated us with. Well the Trent Severn Waterway has its own type of remarkable; pretty valleys, different foliage, twisting rivers, quaint towns and friendly people. The locks are different too, all 12 of them today, smaller, older, more character and mechanical windlass style rather than hydraulic. Here we see the lock mistress manually opening the lock gate.

We were the first vessel through the locks for this season today. There were four boats ready to go but only three could fit at a time. We rafted up with Jim and Wendy on “Bluenoser” a 31 footer, while behind us Brad in his 56 footer “Time out IV” was too wide to allow another boat alongside.

Gracie is moored with five vessels, all much bigger, at Campbellford’s Mill Park marina seawall. This was the  view from the bridge as we walked back from dinner.

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