Day 81. Orillia, Ont.

Early 6am departure from Bobcaygeon had us crossing the lakes with mirror images of the shoreline reflected. Stopped at Fenelon Falls for the first lock of the day as we had to wait for them to open and for the vessels coming the other way to transit first.

A highlight came when we did another hydraulic lift lock, like Peterborough where your boat enters a bathtub and you are raised as the other tub falls, or vice versa. Today at Kirkfield we did this with a boat in the opposite tub rising as we went down. It was also unnerving to look out the front of the boat as if we were hanging in mid air.

We reached  the highest point in altitude of the whole loop today, 840 feet and are now going downhill as we have crossed the Canadian Shield consisting  of ancient Precambrian rocks. We are moored tonight at the Port of Orillia marina, nice and close to the city centre. Orillia is a neat place with a 1880s Main Street that reminded us a bit of Annapolis.

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