Day 82.  Port Severn and Georgian Bay

Last day on the Trent Severn Waterway and what a climax to being on this this beautiful and amazing piece of geography. The depth sounder in the photo above registers 108.8 feet at Swift Rapids Lock 43, by the time we were lowered it read 8 feet. The largest drop/rise we have seen in any lock.

And then there was the most scintillating roller coaster ride ever, in a boat secured to the railway contraption above. Lifted out of a lake, over a road on an embankment and down to another lake. Still can’t believe it or relate to how they conceived this concept at Big Chute. We went on this submersible railway cradle with Bill and Maryjane on “Just Jenny”, a 43 footer.

The view out the front was equally awesome as we began our descent.

We are now at lake level, which is “only” 570 feet above sea level ready to continue across Georgian Bay. Moored the evening just beyond Lock 45, at Port Severn, feeling a bit numb and “all locked out” but we don’t have to deal with locks again for a while.

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2 Responses to Day 82.  Port Severn and Georgian Bay

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    Congratulations to you both on this milestone. What a ride to end the Trent Severn – from your description the name “Big Chute” is so very appropriate. From this end, it is hard to fathom the engineering of what you have experienced in crossing this wonderful waterway. Cannot wait to hear and read the next chapter of this incredible journey.


  2. grant says:

    maaaaate(s) what an adventure! I would have enjoyed the roller coaster and bathtubs!


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