Day 86.  St Amant marina, Britt, Ont. 

We left Depot Bay at 7am for the 50 mile trip to Britt. We had been recommended to eat at the Britt Inn by some C-Dory followers but unfortunately it has closed. The St Amant restaurant looks fine and affordable though, as was the fuel at $1.15 a liter.

A group of three old fisherman explained their priorities to us here. “You may cavort with our women, you may drink our beer, but don’t even think about going out there and catching our fish.” Little risk of that with our approach to fishing which is to order fish from the menu at a restaurant. Fishing seems a popular pastime here though.

Byng Inlet on which Britt is situated is quite straight, seemingly created by a tectonic fault line. The geomorphology of this area is created by Pliestocene ice age glacial activity with the lake edges and islands due to glacial moraine. All those years of studying geology seem so long ago!

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