Day 88. Killarney, Ont.

Our route today took us from the Gunbarrel anchorage at the right of the map above to the blue pin in the middle through a magic inland channel known as Collins Inlet. Much of the inlet is a gorge through granite cliffs and consequently the scenery was magnificent.

We were stopped by the Ontario Police today to check our safety equipment, Andre and Frank were most polite and didn’t delay us long. Our mooring tonight is the Sportsmanship Inn marina, our other choice the Mountain Lodge Marina actually burnt down last week, $4 million worth of damage just as the season opens. Dinner tonight will be at Herbert’s Fisheries, apparently another famous dining venue. The water here is a beautiful clear turquoise similar to Lake Louise and apparently due to the same reason, melted glacial content.

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  1. Leslie Firestone says:

    So glad you ate some fish at Henry’s. It used to be sold out of the little red bus, but I heard that it isn’t there anymore. We bought some cinnamon apple bread at the bakery that was incredible. Instead of Gores Bay you might consider Meldrum Bay. It is a neat little town.


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