Day 89. Little Current, Ont.

Last night turned into a much bigger event than we could have ever envisaged. The Sportsmans Inn manager Mark called an expatriate Aussie,  Lisa and told her to come over as there was two Aussies at the marina. It turned into a session and then we met Pete and his daughter Veronica who said we should go out and see the sunset on their boat. Along came Bryce, Julie and Julia as well.

Then back at the bar there was a 1980s theme staff party. Deveen and me didn’t get clear of the place till after the witching hour (midnight). Highlight was when Bryce gave us a Canadian flag with a whole lot of best wishes written on it. What an amazing night.

We made it to Little Current, about 22 miles from Killarney, feeling a bit fragile from last nights festivities. Freya, back at Stony Lake warned us the current here is not “little” and she was right, 3-4 knots. Gracie can be seen just beyond the big white gin palace on Little Current’s town seawall.

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1 Response to Day 89. Little Current, Ont.

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    The sore heads were well worth it from your comments during this mornings chat! Another amazing welcoming experience. You have been very fortunate to meet such wonderful people along the way. Let the adventure continue. So proud of you both and your girls love you from afar xx


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