Day 91.  Meldrum Bay, Ontario

Dawn at Gore Bay, looking across to where we had dinner last night at Buoys Eatery.  We got away at 7.30am, conditions were still like a millpond but it did pick up to about 15 knots of wind half way to Meldrum Bay.

Our 30 mile route today from Gore Bay to Meldrum Bay via Vidal Bay. The pin on the left is Drummond Island where we will clear back into the USA tomorrow.  Meldrum Bay is a hamlet of 40 people, with a pub/restaurant and a closed General Store, once again we were the first boat to come through of the season. The marina building is in the foreground.

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1 Response to Day 91.  Meldrum Bay, Ontario

  1. Jenny Baan says:

    Hi there you two. Trying to get a message through so your comment space works. Great to see Gracie and look forward to you both arriving in US waters tomorrow. Love you both. Your Girls xx


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