Day 100.  Weather bound in Leland

Normally a 10 to 20 knot wind would be ok conditions to put to sea but not on Lake Michigan, particularly with one meter seas. We have determined our safe forecast limits and the locals concur and also advise us to stay put. Freshwater just behaves so different and piles up so short, steep and quickly. Last night we watched a cold front cloud line blow over us which dropped the temperature 10 degrees and shifted the wind direction nearly 180 degrees to the NE. Quite a radical change to a balmy day and further reason to stay in port.
Jeffrey and Beth came by for a sundowner and we subsequently had a look at their  C-Dory Tomcat 25, from the same factory as Gracie. It has a wider catamaran hull and much more volume inside and in the cockpit.

Once again we were adopted by a local, this time John on the left took us for a tour of some of the lakes and nearby towns including Sleeping Bear Dune Park below which has breathe taking views of Manitou Island to the West and Glen Lakes to the East. We dropped in to visit a jewelry shop for the above photo.

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