Day 103. Muskegon layover

With the weather radar looking a bit disconcerting and the marine forecast just outside our parameters for putting to sea we decided to have a doona day layover. It will also give us the opportunity to have the engine serviced again. Given the nearly daily use our service intervals come up quickly. Great Lakes Marina have an excellent level of professionalism and we are grateful to Scott, Rick and Paul (pictured below) who fitted us in during their busy season of commissioning boats after winter.

We caught up with Jeffrey who has been our traveling companion for the last few days. He took us to his favorite Greek diner and this time we paid, only fair since they bought for us in Manistee.

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1 Response to Day 103. Muskegon layover

  1. John tomczyk says:

    Good call! The entire shoreline looked threatening today.
    Good weather coming after tonight! 👊🏻👍


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