Day 106. Chicago, ILLINOIS

Another millpond morning as we changed states and time zones into Chicago, Illinois. Would be nice if the lakes were always like this when we are power boating. We could see the  Chicago skyline 35 miles out as well as Michigan City to the South and the smoke stacks at Gary Indiana. Strangely we could only book the Chicago municipal marinas online and they all came up unavailable which is unlikely at this time of year. Possibly a computer glitch. There was nothing else within 10 miles of the city so we decided to press on as we have both been to Chicago before. In my case I spent two weeks here when working with AT&T.

Going through the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal was amazing as it bisects the CBD. After the city we went through the industrialized SW suburbs of Chicago. What a change from the Michigan Riviera to what reminded us of Western Sydney.

We had to deal with lots of ferries, barges, tugs and locks to get to the Illinois River and Joliet. Long day covering 100 miles and it is Summer now, 35 degrees C was our maximum.

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