Day 110.  Peoria Heights layover

We received lots of rain overnight due to thunderstorms as can be seen in the rain radar shot above. The forecasts for today were mixed, some ok and some bad, but none were as good as it looks tomorrow so after some conjecture we stayed put but as often happens, we experienced a clear afternoon with minimal winds. The worst forecast is shown below, a bit discouraging but we are SW of it and it is moving East. We learnt later the prediction was correct with tornadoes hitting Chicago. I used the layover day to plan a revised extended trip plan to allow us to cross our wake at Jacksonville rather than finish up in Carrabelle, Western Florida. The new plan has 15 lay days, a week waiting for good weather at Carrabelle and a 5 day diversion to go to Florence in the Tenn-Tomm which we can leave out. That gets us to Jacksonville by the end of August.

Seems every time we are at a yacht club we have a large evening. Illinois Yacht Club was  no exception ending the night down on Gracie after the bar had closed with the commodore Chuck. other offenders were rear Commodore Todd,  Doug and Kristy, Jim, Donna, Patrick and Lisa, Dave and Will, plus Norm and Adam.

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1 Response to Day 110.  Peoria Heights layover

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    Hmmm, less than 20 days hey! Fate leant another hand with you continuing south. A very impressive weather map all the same. We are so pleased you are doing the big loop. Love from your Bear and Lessy xx


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