Day 114. Kimmswick, Missouri

Listened to a great Blue Grass band at the Piasa Pub, in Grafton last night. We met Dawg who played blues harmonica in the band and is a tugboat captain. JD, the owner of the pub joined us briefly as did Craig and Amy.

We passed the Our  Lady of the Rivers statue commemorating how the three great rivers, Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois all meet in this area.

We had a great run through the two locks today, waited half an hour at the first one and straight in for the next one. Passing through St Louis reminded us of New York harbor with plenty of traffic and wash. There were two paddle steamers moored at the arch, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher.  Made good time and reached Hoppies marina at Kimmswick before midday.

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1 Response to Day 114. Kimmswick, Missouri

  1. Leslie M Firestone says:

    Fern at Hoppies is an interesting character, isn’t she?


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