Day 116.  Cumberland Towhead Island, Ohio River, Kentucky

We were assisted by Bob, the American Great Loop Cruisers Association local member at Cape Girardeau, who came down to the boat ramp with a tyre in case a large barge tow wake came by. Bob had a boat built in Holland and cruised the European Canals before having it shipped stateside and doing the loop. They lived onboard for eight years. We we also joined by Marvin who offered his truck (Aussies read ute) to jerrycan the fuel as Roy was two hours late with the tanker.

We passed Cairo at the confluence of the Mississipi and Ohio Rivers at 2pm and Paducah at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers at 5pm heading up a further 10 miles to beautiful Cumberland Towhead Island. The meandering Mississippi had us heading North and West at times today which was away from our objective. Our starting point Cape Girardeau is at the top left of the above map. Second night at anchor with Deveen cooking Jamalaya tonight.

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1 Response to Day 116.  Cumberland Towhead Island, Ohio River, Kentucky

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    I really enjoyed travelling with you both on board Gracie via Skype this morning, sitting at my work desk, for a short voyage along the Ohio River. What an amazing experience to see and pass the huge barges that ply these rivers. It was impossible for me to imagine the scale from the photos and videos beforehand. I really appreciated this opportunity and again the marvellous technology that allows this to happen. I also loved seeing you ‘both at work’!! It was great fun and a good way to start my working day!!


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