Day 119.  Kenlake Marina, Aurora, Kentucky

Met Richard last night and enjoyed sundowners on both Gracie and his boat, a 43ft C&C yacht which he and his wife took to the Bahamas. 

We dropped by Sugar Bay on the way south on Kentucky Lake, it reminded us of the Hawkesbury River near Sydney. Kentucky Lake is magnificent, especially considering it is man made, the flooded Tennessee River. The Tennessee Valley Aurhority was established in 1933 as the Great Depression had inflicted over 33% unemployment on the region. The project created not only Kentucky Lake, but 43 dams added large amounts of power to the national electricity grid, jobs, prosperity and waterways for both commercial and pleasure craft.

Kenlake Marina is a homely, friendly facility with a floating diner providing our type of food. The women folk sound like Dolly Parton and the mid western cookIng skills seem some of the best we have seen in this country.

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1 Response to Day 119.  Kenlake Marina, Aurora, Kentucky

  1. Marian Maxwell says:

    Hi y’all. I think you mean Kenlake is a “homey” marina. Marian


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