Day 122.  Paris Landing layover

The Paris Landing State Park marina harbor master Rob lent us his own car so we could go uptown into Paris. Yet another act of kindness in this country of great hospitality. It has been two weeks since we had a Subway back in Ottawa, Illinois, so we treated ourselves at brunch and have another one in the fridge for dinner. Apart from that a pretty lazy day doing the laundry, research on marinas further South and some reading. Another 30 degrees C + day so appreciating air conditioning and beer.

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1 Response to Day 122.  Paris Landing layover

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Derrick,

    We have just swapped laptops and I’m hoping that I will now be able to reply to your posts, although I am still not replying above the line. Here goes anyway. You really have encountered some wonderful people, haven’t you, on your travels. Can’t believe you are “treating yourselves” by having Subway though! Enjoy it anyway. Fiona


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