Day 123. Lynchburg, Tn

Last night Joe and Donna said they saw our boat across the marina Harbour and wanted to get a closer look. So we invited them onboard and later adjourned to their houseboat to watch our second fireworks in 48 hours. Joe and Donna are from Memphis, 2.5 hours away and it is testimony to the beauty and amenity of Kentucky Lake that we have met many people who travel those sort of distances to do their boating here.

The tour of the distillery was lead by Dusty, a dead ringer for Tom Hanks but he spoke much slower and louder. Dusty informed us that Germany and Australia were equal second best consumers of JD after the US which made me proud. The photo below is not mission control Houston but the control room of the JD still house.

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1 Response to Day 123. Lynchburg, Tn

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    Good one Derricky! Ormiston BWS will have noticed a drop in sales during of absence but I am sure you will make amends and boost them up again on your return.


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