Day 134.  Bobby’s Fish Camp layover

Fog on the Tombigbee River this morning. We had the catfish dinner at Bobby’s restaurant last night and its reputation was well deserved. Ted joined us for dinner and later we sat out on the verandah in what turned out to be a bit of session when we were joined by Mike. Later Ted produced some Cabo Wabo tequila and the rest of the night became folklore.  

As it is 120 miles to Mobile and a further 10 to Dog River we decided to have a lazy day rather than to do three days straight of 100 mile days. We can also travel in company with Ted keeping an eye on all that whiskey. We will dine again tonight at Bobby’s restaurant, it was that good last night.

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1 Response to Day 134.  Bobby’s Fish Camp layover

  1. david says:

    Nice work Baan, not sure a man with your heritage should be in indulging in tequila however.


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