Day 138.  Bluewater Bay Marina, Niceville, Fl

We enjoyed last night, Pensacola is a neat city, I had a Southern BBQ of pork and we returned to the dock at 8pm just as Glenn and Kathy arrived on Dads Surprise.  Kathy came by this morning before our departure and took this photo of us intrepid travelers.

We gave up on Destin as all the reviews were marginal and one marina even wanted $4 a foot, double the highest we have paid. So we are glad we went to nearby Bluewater Bay Marina, great bar and restaurant, beach, great atmosphere, friendly and only $1.50 a foot per night. 

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1 Response to Day 138.  Bluewater Bay Marina, Niceville, Fl

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Good morning intrepid travellers.

    Can’t believe you are staying in a town called Niceville – sounds like a Disney story. The weather looks perfect and you are both looking pretty good too. You can’t have too much of your trip left now. I meant to look on your schedule last night (and forgot) to see where you were.

    Look forward to your next posts.

    T & F x


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