Day 139.  Panama City Marina

Enjoyable evening in the Oyster Bar at Bluewater Bay marina last night. “Jimmie”(like the boys name), who runs the marina office, next to Deveen’s right in the photo above, called loopers Jack and Patty to come by and meet us. Then she called Tony ( left) from far North Quuensland and his American wife Karen to also come down and join us.  What a wonderful marina hostess!

The most notable thing on our 50 mile jaunt to Panama City today was the 15 mile canal between Chocktawhatchee Bay and West Bay. Another great feat of civil engineering by the US Army Corps of Engineers, there must have been an enormous amount of excavation to create this link on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  The Panama City Marina is a modern facility right next to town with the best welcoming pack we have seen, good value too at $31 a night. We will head up town this evening when it cools off a bit.

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