Day 148.  Moore Haven, Florida

Beautiful Fort Myers sunset last night after an afternoon of heavy rain. Luckily we were berthed at the City of Fort Myers Yacht basin when the rain came down very heavily. A vessel that came in after us said they had seen waterspouts.

We saw our second Seawind catamaran today, sister ship to my Balakera back home in Australia. There have been about 100 Seawinds exported to the US. We passed through two quite different locks today from what we are used to, these ones were filled by slightly opening the upper lock gates and letting water pour in. Made for quite a turbulent lock chamber. Moore Haven is in the Centre of Florida where it is hot without any breeze. 39 degrees C or 105 degrees F, too hot to venture outside. All we could do it sit in Gracie’s wonderful air conditioning. We are now 130 miles from our starting point at Hontoon Island, on the St Johns’s River in the Centre of the state. Jacksonville is 200 miles North where we can cross our wake!

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2 Responses to Day 148.  Moore Haven, Florida

  1. Helen Turner says:

    What a wonderful adventure you’ve both been having!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us Derek 😀


  2. Jim & Margaret says:

    Been great reading about your travels. Can you go around again? It has been an absolute revelation. Endless countryside variety & lots of interesting places & people. Thanks D & T.


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