Day 151.  Everglades and Miami

Just ten miles from where we stayed at the Quality Inn in Florida City was the Earnest Coe Everglades Information Centre. We learnt that the Everglades has Deer, Bear and Panthers. Also difference between Crocodiles and Alligators is the opposite to Australia where the Johnsonii Alligators have narrow jaws and the crocs have square jaws. Not so here. Whatever their shape I don’t want to be anywhere near them!

Miami had a bigger impact on us than New York had with its urban sprawl, freeway system featuring 16 lanes with triple flyovers and the largest stadium we have seen. The above picture is of the CBD from the bridge heading past the port out to Miami Beach. Strangely the high rise on the beach did not tower as much as Australia’ s Gold Coast, otherwise it appeared similar to the Gold Coast but on steroids with some 6 million population seemingly all speaking Spanish or English with a Spanish accent.

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