Day 159.  Lamb’s Yacht Centre, south Jacksonville

We gingerly took Gracie up the Ortega River south of Jacksonville to her home for the next six weeks or so. Lamb’s Yacht Centre is a full service marina that will haul her out next week, paint her bottom and do a full service on her engine. We will spend the next few days cleaning her up before we get a hire car on Saturday and go to Clearwater to revisit our friends Dale and Marsha. Gracie’s owners will still be on the western side of the country and will return to pick her up in October.

So our waterborne journey is winding up and there will be no more daily blogs. I will get myself to Victoria BC, Canada to visit my daughter arriving a bit ahead of my wife who is coming over from Brisbane in the first week of Seotember. Deveen will be meeting his wife around then too, but in their case that will be in New Orleans.

You can see Gracie’s position in the SW corner of the air photo below with the city of Jacksonville in the NE corner which is where we were last night. The Ortega River flows into the St. John’s River just south of the city.

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4 Responses to Day 159.  Lamb’s Yacht Centre, south Jacksonville

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    Huge Congratulations to our very special intrepid cruisers, Derricky (Barnsey/DJ) and Tessie (Deveen), who will be forever known as “Gold Loopers”! This is a magnificent achievement and you should be very proud. We may not have been on board the good ship Gracie but we have been with you in spirit all the way! Look forward to our reunions and then all meeting up for a BIG celebration in Ormiston in October. Lots of love and hugs from your biggest fans Bear and Lessy and Jack Dog, WOOHOO! WOOHOO! WOOHOO! xxx


  2. Merle Sharrock says:

    I cant begin to tell you how I have enjoyed your adventure. Brian has been passing on your daily trips and I am sad that all good things must come to an end. My congrats to you both Derek + Terry. Is there another book in this Derek? My good wishes to you both and your families regards Merle Sharrock


  3. Adrian van der linde says:

    Congrats on your loop and so fast. Really enjoyed following your adventure. Hope to be in your route sometime.


  4. Brandon Patrick says:


    I also want to add my congratulations to a job well done in completing the loop. Congratulations to you both. It was a pleasure to meet you two, and it’s always nice to have a written oral history of the loop drinking holes from a couple canaries in the coalmine. Wishing you good winds in your future endeavors.

    Take Care,



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