Balakera hit by lightning

Both Baly and my neighbours boat suffered some damage in a severe electrical storm recently. The lightning and thunder were simultaneous so I thought the strike must have been close. I checked the power and wiring and it was ok so we didn’t get a direct strike but on closer examination the Raymarine autopilot and Speed/Depth were not working. Further inspection has shown the shore power battery charger to be damaged and also the portable VHF radio. In some ways I would have preferred the incident to have occurred two years ago before I fitted a new autopilot prior to sailing around Australia.

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2 Responses to Balakera hit by lightning

  1. Helen Turner says:

    Oh no!!!! 😦


  2. Tony & Cath says:

    Bummer! Double Fun was struck on her mooring 2 years ago. Give me a call at your convenience and I will share the lessons that I learned from that episode.


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