New Raymarine Instruments on Baly

We now have a new array of sparkle across the dashboard on Balakera after the lightning strike last month. We did sea trials yesterday to calibrate all the new equipment. Strangely the strike only affected the autopilot, speed/depth and wind instruments in the console. The GPS plotter, sonar, radar and AIS were not damaged. Probably another good reason to have stand alone electronics rather than linked or combi installations. We think the lightning strike was a direct hit to the yacht across the canal as it suffered a blown VHF aerial and then it travelled via the water to my underwater depth/speed transducers. Subsequently it blew the pilot and wind instruments as these were all linked to the speed/depth instrument by the Raymarine Seatalk communications system.

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5 Responses to New Raymarine Instruments on Baly

  1. Tony & Cath says:

    Hi Derrick. Very impressive suite of instruments – looking more and more like a North Seas trawler!
    Why do I keep thinking of that Jeep ad? Dad, I think we need a bigger boat……..

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  2. Tony Jones says:

    Looks pretty snazzy! Bet you had fun installing it all and having to go out for a sail at the same time :). Is any of this covered by insurance? Hope so, for your pocket’s sake. Fi

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    • jennybaan says:

      Insurance paid out in full with no excess on the autopilot and hand held VHF. No excess because it occurred at the home pontoon, not underway. The autopilot had been replaced two years ago prior to going around Australia, when we bought the handheld VHF as well. Insurance only paid out 50% on the depth/speed, wind instruments and shore power charger which were older than three years.


  3. Helen Turner says:

    So all good now Derrick?


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