New lifebuoys

Our old lifebuoys on Baly were looking decidedly faded and the letters were falling off. Our good friends Tony and Fiona, who have a Snap Printing franchise in Sydney, came up with these neat name stickers for the new lifebuoys.

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3 Responses to New lifebuoys

  1. James Holt says:

    Hi D, looks good. On Gattina I went for individual lettering & after some time letters began falling off. Being printed on a background seems a better solution.

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  2. Tony & Cath says:

    Hi Derrick. These look great. I have now noticed them on another boat. Do you have details re the material that they used or is it just ‘standard’ vinyl for decals? I have the same problem on DF and would like to fix it. Thanks, Tony


    • jennybaan says:

      Hey Tony,

      Here is the info you requested. They now have setup the template so subsequent labels would be easy, D

      Hi Derrick,

      Have you got anything easier?

      Being seagoing, anything that needs to adhere to the normal composite material that covers the Lifebuoy has to be quite weather resistant and have a very strong adhesive back surface.

      In a nutshell you require –

      • 4- 160 mm (H) x 500 mm (W) Single Sided Print(s) made from High Tack White Poly Vinyl 1370 mm Arlon DFP 8000 stock material

      • Laminated with Poly Gloss Laminate 1370mm Gloss Neschen on face.

      Being an Arc they are printed as rectangles then cut to shape.

      Cost will be $225.00 plus GST inc freight – but please keep in mind that the conditions to which they are exposed will cause deterioration over time.

      Let’s know what you would like to do. f you go ahead I need to verify the measurements with you.

      And.. hopefully we will catch up before too long – probably like yourselves life gets very hectic
      Snap Brookvale

      40 – 42 Roger Street
      Brookvale NSW 2100

      P: +61 2 9939 2133


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