America’s Great Loop, Aussie Style sales

Over 360 copies have now been sold, including 72 copies of the large format coffee table version. It remains in the top five Great Loop books available on Amazon, with most sales coming from the USA. Not quite walking off the shelves like Property Power did nearly 20 years ago but still satisfying to see that people are interested in our experiences.

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2 Responses to America’s Great Loop, Aussie Style sales

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Well done – it was a very informative, interesting and enjoyable read, so not surprised that it continues to sell well.

    Tony and Fiona

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  2. Glenn W Habenicht says:

    Glenn & Kathy of the Dad’s Surprise III love your Book. We have the deluxe coffee table version. Fun to see us in your book along with our friends Steve & Zoila of the Miss Rita.

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