Links   Website with over 6000 C-Dory members and 2500 registered C-Dory vessels  America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association   Great planning site with interactive marina and anchorage info for the Great Loop.    Community website where boaties rate their experience at Great Loop marinas. Refer to the quick lists tab.   Our old business and now part time employer  The builder of Balakera    Provide a great low cost AIS system, the Matsutec HP33   Created our petrol bladder tank to spec  Run the various Seawind Regattas around Australia and sell new and used catamarans   Internet based system to see where vessels are all around the world   Easy to view 7 day boating weather forecast  Another useful boating weather forecast website  Great smartwatch with compass, boat speed, weather apps etc. Waterproof and only $100,  Providers of  X Gate satellite email server and Optimizer Wifi hotspot to connect IOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android to any Satphone.  Our satellite communicator  Providers of Spotcast, a 72 hour SMS weather forecast delivered by Satellite     Kimberley Coast Cruising Yacht Club    Ross Squires’ website with lots of info of the Kimberley


windguru  A great 8 day boating forecast

sailgrib   Very good 8 day grib marine forecast on Android

pocketgrib  Good 8 day grib on IOS

logbook-app  Automatic logbook downloads position, log readings and local weather

third mate  Automatic logbook on Android with voice reminders

safetrx  Useful app for advising your trip plan

animated knots   Easy way to learn how to tie knots

MAIS   Transmit your position onto marinetraffic from your phone/tablet without an AIS system


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