Family wedding in Canada

Last week we chartered the 100′ Pacific Yacht for the marriage of our daughter Elouisa to Lucas Reid in Vançouver, British Columbia.

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Captain, anyone….

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Assessor gets a makeover

Our old training vessel that we sold with the Bayside Boat Licensing business four years ago has a new look with a wrap showing great graphics.

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Always keep a good lookout!

Always sad to see a vessel in trouble. This one shows a large hole just forard of where it is sitting on the rock. This incident occurred near Shaw Island in the Whitsundays and the rock had a beacon on it before the vessel smashed into it.

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Baly steaming up our canal

JD welcomes Balakera and dad home. Video is at

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Innovative marketing

I’m continually loosing my name badges as they get caught onboard and seem to fall overboard or in the bilge. I was intrigued by this organisation that offered an innovative marketing approach by supplying me with name badges at no cost where I mentioned them on my blog/website.

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Old photo photo of Baly found online.

I googled our boat’s name and this photo appeared that I hadn’t seen before. It would be about 2014 as the new mainsail is there but the hard cockpit bimini which replaced the soft bimini shown isn’t yet installed.

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