Cityhopper “Doomba”

The Cityhopper “Doomba” inbound at the Story Bridge.

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Australia Day long weekend day trip

We took our house guests Tony, Marion and Fiona on a day trip to Bird Island on Baly and enjoyed a magic sail home.

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Christmas Parties on the bay

Helped out Brisbane Yacht Charters yesterday as they are in peak season. Been a while since I last drove Aristocat but the sunset certainly made it worthwhile!

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Western Australian Cruising Guide 5th Edition

Received a pre release beta version of the latest edition of this great cruising guide because we made a contribution by advising them of a coral bommie much too close to their previous recommended anchorage at North Mangrove Island. We discovered this dangerous anomaly during our 2015 circumnavigation of Australia.  It was kind of neat that they listed us in their contributors acknowledgements on page 3.

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Breath and Drug tested on the river

Several of the Ferries, including mine, were boarded by the Water Police for random breath and drug testing . First time for me and the Ferry Masters were last tested 13 years ago. I still haven’t found an early opener  when I go to work at 4.20 am and haven’t been to the Valley for years so I was clean! It put me 12 minutes behind schedule which was hard to make up as we were very busy taking Barmy Army Poms across the river to the cricket at the Gabba.

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New lifebuoys

Our old lifebuoys on Baly were looking decidedly faded and the letters were falling off. Our good friends Tony and Fiona, who have a Snap Printing franchise in Sydney, came up with these neat name stickers for the new lifebuoys.

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2 years ago Baly completes her circumnavigation of Australia

Frank and Marian’s welcome sign. Bear applauding with the streamers as we moor on the home pontoon.

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