Baly from the waterline

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Twin granddaughters first ride on Opa’s boat

Marina takes Baly’s helm under JenJen’s watchful eye

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Costa Concordia deja vu

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Why is Kookaburra Queen’s helm so large?

She is modelled to be an authentic replica of the Mississippi paddle steamers of old, well before the advent of hydraulics. Old paddle steamers had chains from the helm to the steering quadrant above the rudder. This arrangement had so much friction, the helm needed to be large diameter to give the helmsman a mechanical advantage or lever purchase to make the whole mechanism turn.

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New Brisbane Cityhoppers

The “office” on the new Brisbane River Kittycat Cityhopper ferries.

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Changes on the Brisbane River

Today I resigned from Transdev Brisbane Ferries as I have accepted a casual Ferry Master role with RiverCity Ferries who have now won the Brisbane City Council ferry contract. Same job, different company. Additionally, this weekend I will be with yet another company, Kookaburra Showboat Cruises, aboard their gorgeous paddle steamer doing lunch and dinner cruises.

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Serious shipbuilding

A couple of old photos of Liberty ships building en masse in Maine, during the war. Launching up to five ships in a day. Nearby Bath is still an important shipbuilding centre. They were building stealth warships when we visited there in 2016.

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New shore power charger

We installed a new Victron blue smart charger on Baly and I was impressed with the monitoring capabilities it has when connected to your phone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth.

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Baly gets new engines

We replaced the existing Yamaha 9.9 with Tohatsu 20 hp EFI outboards which fitted straight into the wells/nacelles without any alterations. Only 1kg heavier they give better performance and should still be quite economical.

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Becoming a captain

Hilarious essay from a 10 year old on why he wants to become a ship’s captain.

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