Daughter’s wedding onboard the Pacific Yacht

This time last year we were off to Vancouver for Ela and Lucas’ wedding. A very proud day for us aboard the vessel out on Burrard Inlet in beautiful surroundings. The audio is ordinary but the punchline of what Lucas and me both have a penchant for is “cigars and whiskey”

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Cruise to PNG

Just returned from a magic cruise to Papua New Guinea, pic shows our ship Pacific Aria anchored off the Conflict Islands. Was nice to let someone else drive for a change.

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Beautiful river and city

One of my favourite photos, ten Citycats passing under Brisbane’s Story Bridge.

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America’s Great Loop, Aussie Style sales

Over 360 copies have now been sold, including 72 copies of the large format coffee table version. It remains in the top five Great Loop books available on Amazon, with most sales coming from the USA. Not quite walking off the shelves like Property Power did nearly 20 years ago but still satisfying to see that people are interested in our experiences.

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Rainbow over Shafston House, seen from Sydney Street Ferry  Terminal 

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My father’s first ship

I’m writing my father’s memoirs and came across this photo of the first ship he served aboard as chef in the galley. He did voyages to Halifax (Canada), New York (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Sydney over a 12 month period.

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Cost of circumnavigating Australia

Thought this cost analysis was interesting. A much bigger boat without the sailing performance of our catamaran. Our expenditure for the exercise came out significantly lower. Similarly the America’s Great Loop was much less too, even allowing for the Lease costs and exchange rate. Proving again that choice of boat type is important.

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