Always keep a good lookout!

Always sad to see a vessel in trouble. This one shows a large hole just forard of where it is sitting on the rock. This incident occurred near Shaw Island in the Whitsundays and the rock had a beacon on it before the vessel smashed into it.

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Baly steaming up our canal

JD welcomes Balakera and dad home. Video is at

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Innovative marketing

I’m continually loosing my name badges as they get caught onboard and seem to fall overboard or in the bilge. I was intrigued by this organisation that offered an innovative marketing approach by supplying me with name badges at no cost where I mentioned them on my blog/website.

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Old photo photo of Baly found online.

I googled our boat’s name and this photo appeared that I hadn’t seen before. It would be about 2014 as the new mainsail is there but the hard cockpit bimini which replaced the soft bimini shown isn’t yet installed.

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Outboard crane on Balakera

I was asked recently for a photo of this arrangement by members on the Seawind owners FB page. It swivels around to get the motor onto the mount on the targa and off the dinghy. We don’t need it anymore as we have a light (13kg) Honda 2hp tender motor. However for those toting larger outboards on their tenders this device would make life much easier.

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Ferry queues

Council is upgrading New Farm Park ferry terminal while other terminals such as Thornton Street (pictured) Eagle Street Pier and Southbank are the ones that have the high traffic issues.

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Passenger care

Encouraging the next generation of Ferry Masters.

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