Foggy River

Somewhere in this low lying cloud is Brisbane’s Story Bridge, photo is taken from the City Hopper while moored at Eagle Street Pier.

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Bulimba ferry terminal

I will be driving the Bulimba-Teneriffe ferry for the next week which has a reasonably challenging park on the inside of the pontoon. There is only a 20m gap between the terminal pontoon and an upstream jetty which, due to a back eddy during a flood tide and during the ebb tide, requires a reverse entry. Single engine monohulls don’t reverse in a straight line due to the torque of the propellor, so it requires you to “walk” the boat backwards and correct the direction every two boat lengths. I have done this shift about two dozen times now and it adds an interesting manoeuvring dimension each time.

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Baly’s new tender

Balakerette X (#10 or kiss, whichever you prefer) is Baly’s new dinghy. It replaces the tinny we picked up in Darwin back in 2015. Bear and JD wanted a softer landing and there aren’t any crocodiles in Brisbane. Balakerette ix (the tinny) went to a new home with my neighbour, it was an easy delivery by just sending it over the fence!

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Afloat magazine Great Loop article content

Here is the full magazine article that appeared this month in the boating publication with the largest circulation in Australia.

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Dolphins visit us.

Did anyone else have dolphins in their backyard today?

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America’s Great Loop article in ‘Afloat’ magazine

My article written about our experience last year of  doing the America’s Great Loop will be included in next months edition. Afloat has a circulation of 30,000.

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Fog stops river traffic

The Citycat ferry in this photo is less than 100 metres away and there are two others also stopped nearby but not visible due to the fog on the river today. I stayed put for 90 minutes in my ferry as it was unsafe for navigation due to the lack of visibility.

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