Cost of circumnavigating Australia

Thought this cost analysis was interesting. A much bigger boat without the sailing performance of our catamaran. Our expenditure for the exercise came out significantly lower. Similarly the America’s Great Loop was much less too, even allowing for the Lease costs and exchange rate. Proving again that choice of boat type is important.

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Buy your boat hardware cheaper online

Recently needed to replace the starter motor on Baly’s port engine. The local Yamaha agent quoted me $996, I sourced it via Amazon ex US delivered non priority for $au 212. Delivery was two weeks, same as the agent who had to source ex Japan as there were none in the country. Same experience with an ignition switch, local Yamaha agent quoted $200, I bought from Amazon for $us 29.

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Don’t you just hate…

Don’t you just hate it when some rich guy brings his huge gin palace past and it absolutely dwarfs your boat!

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Fireworks at Kangaroo Point

Another fireworks show on the river to keep us entertained. This one to commemorate a new restaurant opening at Howard Smith Wharves, seen from Sydney Street Ferry Terminal.

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Name means ‘of the sea’

So pleased our daughter and son in law decided to call one of our granddaughters born this week, Marina, which means of the sea. This reflects the Baan family’s association with things maritime. She weighed a healthy 2.4kgs, her sister Victoria, who was born 30 seconds earlier weighed in at 2.1kgs. 

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Bit of weather predicted for Friday

Cyclone Oma will be close to Brisbane later this week.

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Goat’s new boat

While in Hobart last week I checked out Goat’s new ship. Him and me go back a ways, right to primary school and good to see he now has a capable vessel which he will cruise to Queensland this winter.

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